This is a good time to search for elusive lesser spotted woodpeckers in the treetops. They are beginning to make their early spring call, which is a sharp “pee-pee-pee”. Nuthatches sound similar, and it is worth looking carefully at any treetop bird making a call like this, since it may sometimes turn out to be a “lesser spot”. They are very small woodpeckers, easy to miss among the twigs. They have a barred black-and-white back, and the male has a red crown. Soon they will also be heard drumming. This sound is slightly weaker than the drumbeat of the “greater spot”, but sessions of it go on for a bit longer. It is used to attract a mate and to warn off rivals in the vicinity, serving the same purpose as songs in other birds.

pee pee pee
we are elusive
lesser spotted
woodpeckers in treetops.